Retirement Homes and Programs for the Aged

Circles Enrichment creates and delivers a wide range of entertaining and educational presentations to retirement community audiences in the greater Toronto area and beyond. Focused on the arts, each presentation is designed to be enjoyable, informative and uplifting.

We offer clients a selection of more than 40 compelling presentation topics, each of which incorporates multimedia elements such as music and video. Our subject categories include cinema, theatre, music, literature and history. From topics that explore iconic artists ranging from Mozart to Beethoven and Picasso to Shakespeare and da Vinci, we strive to present content that resonates with our audience.

Each our presentations are one hour in length, are professionally delivered by our team of subject matter experts and are competitively priced. We are fully committed to creating a captivating experience and utilize a casual and interactive approach that highlights our passion and knowledge of the topics presented.

Over the past 15 years, Circles Enrichment has been laser focused on providing a service that delivers considerable value to our retirement community clients. We leverage our knowledge and passion for the arts as a mechanism to entertain and educate, with the understanding that our activity is widely acknowledged to be intellectually and emotionally stimulating, and having a positive impact on cognitive function and personal disposition.

The benefits of this activity for aged people are widely acknowledged:
◾Entertaining and Fun – Impacting disposition and mood.
◾Intellectually and emotionally stimulating – keeping the mind active by learning new things has been scientifically proven to slow down the natural deterioration of cognition.
◾An opportunity to reminisce – Some topics evoke memories of youth

“Keeping our loved ones happy, healthy and active is a goal of all who serve our cherished elders”